Semi-colons allows multi-crew search
(i.e. "data;spock")
Tiers and comments come from /u/Automaton_2000's work, with his permission.

What's New ?


All the crews have been updated. Tiering, descriptions, every single one of them. Eyes need rest.


A few problems with the 7.2.0. It has broken some of my automated scripts, so I can't add new crews as easilly as before. I'm (kinda) on it.


Now you can see when I've updated the crews. I've also updated the server softwares.


The huge changes from the BbobA have been added, as well as new pages for a better lisibility (Portal/All crews, 4*/5*/all rarities).


Collections have been added. And you can see if a crew is in a collection at the top right corner of its picture