Semi-colons allows multi-crew search
(i.e. "data;spock")
Tiers and comments come from /u/Automaton_2000's and /u/idoliside's work, with their permission.


A New Challenger Approaches

4 crews

Bride of Chaotica

7 crews

Chain of Command

25 crews

Common Crew

27 crews

Delphic Expanse

8 crews

Do No Harm

66 crews

Holodeck Enthusiasts

13 crews

Live Long and Prosper

57 crews

New Life and New Civilizations

66 crews

Our Man Bashir

7 crews

Play Ball!

8 crews

Rare Crew

86 crews

Resistance is Futile

27 crews

Rules of Acquisition

21 crews

Set Sail!

6 crews

Sherwood Forest

9 crews

Spit and Bailing Wire

48 crews

The Big Goodbye

6 crews

The Daystrom Award

53 crews

The Eugenics Wars

25 crews

The Neutral Zone

19 crews

The Wild West

8 crews

Timelines' Originals

18 crews

To Boldly Go

76 crews

Uncommon Crew

53 crews

Valor in Combat

69 crews